The Great Goblin?

Thursday, September 06, 2012

A French Tolkien site has laid its hands on some intriguing, but rather gruesome, images of what appears to be a first look at the Great Goblin (Barry Humphries). They seem to be photos from a either some type of trading card or an action-figure box; perhaps it is the new The Hobbit Board Game. Some people from cleverly recognized the similarity between those pictures and piece of footage from the first production video of The Hobbit. If you want to see the video, go to the Videos page. If you want to see the pictures, click on the 'read more.' However, I give you a fair warning. There may be spoilers, but if you be of weak resistance, then take note of this: These pictures are not for the squeamish.

The Great Goblin?
His minion?
Screenshot from the first production video of The Hobbit

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