Emails Released Concerning The Hobbit

Thursday, February 28, 2013

I am sure that at least some of you know, if you have kept up with The Hobbit movies the whole way through, that there were some pretty tough negotiations to ensure that they were made in New Zealand. The New Zealand government recently released a few emails that revealed more of those negotiations. These emails, sent between Peter Jackson and ministerial officials, show his frustration over the deal to ensure The Hobbit was made in New Zealand.
The authorities in New Zealand were very willing to have the movies filmed there, so willing that changed employment laws and increased the tax rebates for the productions. The unions did not like this one bit, and fought the law changes. Also, the Labour Party accused the Government of chequebook legislation. In the end, things were settled and The Hobbit movies were filmed in New Zealand. But, things were not finished.
Earlier this month, the Ombudsman ordered the Government to release documents about the deal struck for the movies. However, Warner Bros’ New Line unit warned that the ruling called the future of film-making in New Zealand into doubt.
Yesterday, in a statement, Peter Jackson said that he welcomed the release of the documents, hoping they would end “unfounded conspiracy theories" that Warner Bros. had been dictating terms to the New Zealand government.
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