The Morgul Lord

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The first of the new line of Asmus Toys

Here is the first of the 1:6th scale figures promised to us by Asmus Toys earlier this year, The Morgul Lord. This imposing figure is 13'7" tall and has a real metal helm! Accompanied by a wide variety of weapons and armor, this Nazgul has 36 points of articulation, so the poses and stances are endless! The set includes a stand so you can display this amazing figure in your home. It is available for $159.99 at Alter-Ego Comics
Price: $159.99

This set also includes the following:

A real metal Witchking helmet
One pair of shoulder plate
One pair of bicep armor
One pair of forearmed armor
One pair of thigh armor
One pair of calf armor
One pair of foot armor
One pair of articulated foot
One pair of fist in armor
One pair of relaxed posture hand in armor
One pair of weapon holding hand in armor
One pair of super poseable, fully articulated hand in armor

One black hood
One pair of long sleeved undervest
One pair of long underpants
One black inner garment with weahtering effects
One black lone ripped rop eith weathering effects
One belt plus sheath holder

One Witchking sword
One sword sheath
One inflamed Witchking sword
One Witchking mace
One interractive cutom base
One Asmus Toys figure stand

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