The Sword of Kili

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A new arrival at United Cutlery!

An awesome new replica of the Sword of Kili has just been added to The Hobbit collection of United Cutlery. Meticulously detailed and made from the highest-quality materials, this sword is almost an exact copy of the prop they used for the movie, and you can own one for yourself for only $150!

The Sword of Kili is constructed of a stainless steel blade and an acrylic hilt wrapped in leather. It is 28 3/8" tall and battle-scarred to duplicate the original move prop. Like all of United Cutlery's swords, this piece also comes with a wooden wall display, so you can show of this fantastic replica in your home! Unfortunately, this item is backordered, but the sword is well worth the wait!
Price: $149.99

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