A (Guessed) Preview Into The Desolation of Smaug Continued

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Poster by David Chalmer
Here is the second part to A (Guessed) Preview Into The Desolation of Smaug! Once again, I will give you summaries of the chapters in The Hobbit that I think will be covered in the movie, and then discuss various picturess. I tried to divide the posts equally (so there will be four chapters covered in this one also), but this one may be shorter as there are not very many photos left. However, do not let that discourage you from reading the rest of this post!

Chapter XI: On the Doorstep
The dwarves and Bilbo pass through the ruins of Dale on their way to the mountain. They reach the slopes of their destination, and eventually find the location of the secret entrance. They attempt to open it every way they knew how, but without success. Discouraged, they spend a miserable night. However, the next day, Bilbo remembers the meaning of the moon-runes and calls the dwarves to him. They wait until evening, and, when the dwarves have lost all hope, a single ray of sun falls upon the rock face, and a keyhole appears. It fits exactly the key that went with the map to Erebor, and the entrance is opened. 
This is where I think this picture will come into play. I do not recall seeing it in The Hobbit: An Unexptected Journey, and this seems to be the only place where the dwarves and Bilbo would be sleeping on a pile of rocks. Also, I can assume from the miserable look on Bilbo's face that he is very discouraged. As the story goes in the book, there is a thrush cracking snails against the stone wall, and Bilbo remembers the meaning of the moon-runes on Thorin's map. Elrond had told them that they meant "Stand by the grey stone when the thrush knocks, and the setting sun with the last light of Durin's Day will shine upon the key-hole." This still is probably just before Bilbo notices the bird. The ending of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey definitely foreshadowed this chain of events. 
Chapter XII: Inside Information
Bilbo enters the Lonely Mountain, and comes across Smaug sleeping on his enourmous mound of treasure. He takes a golden cup, and escapes unnoticed. However, when Smaug awakes, he notices its abscense and searches the outside of the Mountain for the thief. The dwarves flee into the secret tunnel to hid from Smaug's wrath. The next day, Bilbo once again visits Smaug on his pile of gold. Though invisible, his presence is noticed by the dragon and they have a conversation. Bilbo notices the weak spot in Smaug's armour. He unwittingly makes Smaug angry and barely escapes with his life. That night, Smaug, in his fury, tears up the mountainside and traps the dwarves and Bilbo inside the mountain. He then flies towards Laketown with the intent to destroy it. 
This still obviously takes place in these chapters. This will also be the first time we get to see the entire body of Smaug. We will also get to hear him speak, which will be very interesting. His voice will be played by Benedict Cumberbatch, who also is the voice for the Necromancer. From Bilbo terrified pose, we can assume that he is staring right into the eyes of Smaug. He is also wearing a differently colored coat. Navy blue, instead of the former burgandy. Perhaps a gift from the good citizens of Laketown? It has some fancy frilling along the edges. He also has a belt on. In fact, his entire outfit has changed. It may not be that important, but it does raise a few questions. 
Chapter XIII: Not at Home
The dwarves and Bilbo are trapped inside the mountain. They notice that Smaug seems to be not at home, so they venture out. Unknown to the dwarves, Bilbo comes across the Arkenstone, and picks it up for his own. The company still does not feel safe, as Smaug could come back at any moment, so they exit the mountain through the front gate and find a new hiding place in an old abandoned watch-post. 
I am sorry, but I do not have any more pictures for the next two chapters. This is where I am a little uncertain about the ending of the movie. It could end here, without us knowing the fate of Smaug, or it could continue and show the death of Smaug. However, the movie would have to provide some sort of plot for the third film, so this very well could be the finality The Desolation of Smaug. 
Chapter XIV: Fire and Water
Smaug attacks Laketown, and there is nearly no end to his destruction. However, Bard the Bowman, with a very good shot (either luck or skill, we will never know), manages to strike Smaug in his weak spot. The dragon, pierced through his heart with an arrow, falls in to water, never to rise again. The news of Smaug's death is spread all throughout Middle Earth. Thranduil hears about it, and summons his army to march to the gates of Erebor. 
If it is not before, then it is right after this chapter that the movie will conclude. It might even end with Thranduil astride his moose at the head of his army. I do not really have much to say right now, as there are many possibilities as to how the movie may end, and it would take to long to name them all. I do, however, have a little to say about the previous events. As I mention in my post about Dol Guldur, I think that Bolg is associated with the Necromancer. Also, it has been revealed that we will get to see the White Council destroy the evil fortress, perhaps even in this film. In fact, this brings up a point about how I think The Hobbit: There and Back Again should end. It should end with Sauron, who has been forced to vacate Dol Guldur, as the Eye on the pinnacle of Barad-dur. 


  1. Bombur is on a stretcher in the top pic. That's from Mirkwood i think