The Hobbit Movie (Russian Version)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Did you know that there was a Russian film adaption of The Hobbit? If you can understand Russian, it would make a pretty interesting watch. However, as many of you out there probably do not, all it is good for is a good laugh, especially since it was filmed in 1985, so it has no computer-generated imagery to speak of. Technically, this is not even a movie. It is just a theatrical performance filmed in a TV studio. You may recognize Zinovy Gerdt, who is the narrator. I can't be certain, but I am pretty sure the film follows the book word for word. The costumes are very comical, and the fake beards look very fake. Also, the dragon Smaug is a joke. All you ever see is his head, and it looks like a huge papier-mâché puppet.  Although it seems I may have, I have not watched the entire movie through. It is 72 minutes long and I find it way to tedious to sit through a foreign film without subtitles. You may disagree with much of what I just said, especially if you have the patience to watch the entire film. I do admit that it is interesting seeing how someone else interprets Tolkien's works. It is very different than the way Peter Jackson visualizes it. 

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