The Tower of Orthanc

Monday, January 14, 2013

Even though this has very little to do with hobbits in general, I will devote this post this this awesome Lego creation. In fact, I remember that Merry and Pippin participated in this battle so I am okay after all. It is called 'Last March of the Ents,' and was created by OneLug. It is over 7 feet high and its base, which contains 25 ents and 100 orcs, has a diameter of 8 feet. It was revealed in November, 2011 at the BrickCon in Seattle. It will only be on display at one other place:'s 'An Unexpected Art show.'
If you click on the picture you can see a much larger version, and it is amazing. It is astoundingly accurate to the scene in The Two Towers, featuring Treebeard, an ent on fire, and water flooding Isengard. You can even see Saruman watching from his balcony. The tower was directly inspired by artwork by Alan Lee, and seems to follow it to a brick. Great job, OneLug!

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