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Monday, November 25, 2013

Listen to 30 second previews, 60 second samples, and a few entire songs! 

First of all, Entertainment Weekly has 30 second samples of all 29 tracks from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug soundtrack. However, Water Tower Music has upped it an entire level, and you can now listen to 60 second samples either on SoundCloud or using an interesting little gadget beyond the break. And that is not all! You already know about Ed Sheeran's I See Fire (now available on iTunes), but did you know that if you visit the official website for The Hobbit Film Trilogy the song A Feast of Starlight plays in the background? On a side note, a new TV Spot for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug has been released, and I have posted it beyond the break. 

UPDATE: You can also listen to 90 second samples. (I've updated the gadget so that it now plays 90 seconds of each song instead of 60 seconds.)

Disc One
1. The Quest for Erebor (3:24)
2. Wilderland (4:56)
3. The House of Beorn (3:52)
4. Mirkwood (4:28)
5. Flies and Spiders (7:51)
6. The Woodland Realm (4:27)
7. Feast of Starlight (2:49)
8. Barrels Out of Bond (1:50)
9. The Forest River (4:54)
10. Bard, a Man of Lake-town (2:30)
11. The High Fells (2:37)
12. The Nature of Evil (3:20)
13. Protector of the Common Folk (3:37)

Disc two
1. Thrice Welcome (3:34)
2. Girion, Lord of Dale (3:33)
3. Durin’s Folk (2:28)
4. In the Shadow of the Mountain (2:15)
5. A Spell of Concealment (2:51)
6. On the Doorstep (7:46)
7. The Courage of Hobbits (3:00)
8. Inside Information (3:48)
9. Kingsfoil (2:25)
10. A Liar and a Thief (3:41)
11. The Hunters (9:04)
12. Smaug (5:24)
13. My Armor Is Iron (5:16)
14. I See Fire performed by Ed Sheeran (5:00)
15. Beyond the Forest (5:27)

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